The World's First Drone with a Fish Finder!

AguaDrone offers the first and only wireless Sonar Pod that sends a wireless signal to your smartphone or tablet instantly turning your AguaDrone into a Fish Finder.

With its 100% waterproof design, the AguaDrone can land in and take off from fresh and saltwater. The drone is equipped with unique, patent pending quick change pod accessories, allowing users to switch from one pod to the next with just a twist of the wrist. The AguaDrone’s current accessory pods include:

  • The Find Pod, a sonar fish finder that sends sonar images to your handheld device via Wi-Fi
  • The Fish Pod, capable of carrying your bait or lure to the fish remotely via the drone
  • The Film Pod, a waterproof camera that captures images from the air or under water




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The Find Pod: 100% waterproof, self-contained, internal Wi-Fi enabled, fish finder that sends the fish finder images, water depths, and water temperatures to any Wi-Fi enabled handheld device. Capable of reading depths down to 190 feet below the water’s surface, and sending info to tablet or smart phone up to 350 feet away. Equipped with a free Sonar App, allowing users’ easy access to the pod’s findings.

The Fish Pod: remotely operated, payload release system capable of carrying a payload of up to 2 pounds and releasing it remotely with the push of a button. Carry bait, lure or a payload of up to two pounds to those hard to reach areas. Simply drop your bait, lure or payload with the push of a button. The Fish Pod is also used for skip bait fishing in deep ocean water for big game fish. When the fish strike your bait or lure our patent pending tension release arm will release the line and allow you to manually operate your rod and reel.

The Film Pod: Capture your experience from the air and under the water’s surface with our Film Pod! 100% waterproof, HD video with an image resolution up to 16 Mega pixels, 4X zoom, unique 220” HD wide-angle lens that allows the user to video 360 pano footage and many other angles to capture your experience. Equipped with a micro SD card slot, capable of holding up to 64 GB card. Film hours of footage from the air or under the water’s surface. Wi-Fi enabled, send imagery to any Wi-Fi enable smartphone or tablet.

Pre-orders For The Aguadrone And Accessories Starting 17 November, 2016